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Anger is the emotion that expresses dislike or opposition toward a person or thing that is considered the cause of aversion. Psychologists consider anger a natural emotion needed for survival. Anger can bring forth behavioral improvements; however, uncontrolled anger can cause social and personal problems.

Psychologists divide anger into three categories. One type of anger is an instinctual reaction to being trapped or hurt. Another type is a reaction to the perception of being intentionally harmed or mistreated by others. The third type of anger, which includes irritability, reflects an individual's personal character traits.

Anger is sometimes displayed through sudden and overt aggressive acts. An uncontrollably angry individual is susceptible to losing the capacity for making sound judgment and acting responsibly. Extreme anger is obviously self-destructive, as is anger that is not expressed externally and kept within. Anger is often misused by individuals who act angry as a means to manipulate others.

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