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Disgust is the emotion that expresses a reaction to things that are considered dirty, revolting, contagious, contaminated, and inedible. It is divided into two categories: physical disgust and moral disgust. Disgust is associated with a distinct facial expression and a drop in heart rate.

The origins of disgust are traced to the natural selection process, which humans instinctively acquired to avoid food poisoning, threat, and infection. With time, disgust evolved into a common response to tasting, smelling, touching, seeing, and imagining unfavorable objects. Waste products, decomposing flesh, and insects are among the things that commonly disgust people.

Disgust can be instinctual or socially taught. According to research, women and children are more prone to experiencing disgust than men. Functional MRI tests show that the anterior insula in the brain reacts when an individual is disgusted. Some scientists believe that disgust is based on prejudices. They think that these prejudices should be questioned, rather than accepted.

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