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Happiness is the emotion that expresses various degrees of positive feelings ranging from satisfaction to extreme joy. The opposite of sadness, happiness is a goal most people strive to achieve. Happy people are satisfied with their lives.

Unraveling the secret of happiness is a constant topic among scientists, psychologists and people in general. Scientists have developed ways to physiologically measure happiness. One method is by using Functional MRI and EEG tests. Many scientists believe that happiness is determined by genetics and is reflected by neurobiological systems.

Further, various surveys try to measure happiness throughout the world. In the surveys, people are asked questions about several aspects of their lives and levels of happiness. Information collected by the surveys have led some experts to link happiness to a variety of determinants like life expectancy, socioeconomic status, marital status, spirituality, and health. Others link happiness to psychological well-being measured through an individual's levels of self-esteem, social interest, and other factors.

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