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Sadness is the emotion that expresses a state of loss and difficulty. Sadness is the opposite of happiness. When people are sad, they become less talkative, less enthusiastic, and less interactive. This can take a toll on their social lives and professional performance. According to studies, sadness causes individuals to be slow at processing information.

Sadness is sometimes mistaken for depression. While depression does involve sadness, it is much more severe. Sadness is a temporary decrease in happiness; it is a short period of feeling down. Depression, however, can last for years and can disrupt many aspects of daily life.

Studies show that sadness in people is perceived by the general public as weakness and incapability. Therefore, sad people do not fare very well in social settings and job interviews. Sad people, in turn, base their opinions on their moods. They see negativity in the people and world around them.

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